Monday, December 4, 2017

Merry Tools Heat Nipper HT-200

Merry Tools Heat Nipper HT-200

* Heavy Dutty type
Heat Nipper or Heat Cutting Nipper is Cutting Nipper that built in Heater on the edge of Blade.
It make an easier for cutting Fragile Plastic Material such as Acrylics, Polystyrene Plastic, Glass Plastic with Good / Excellent of Cutting Result.

Were many job of cutting using usual Cutting type for those kinds of plastic will having trouble for the operator & many Reject part caused of cutting process when the process almost being finish goods.

Heat Nipper Using Ceramic Heater at the edge of the Blade where connected by wire to Electric Heater Control Units.

Every job will follow spec of each type Heat Cutting Nipper

HT-180 Heat Cutting Nipper Specification :
Function : Heavy Duty  Type
Purpose : For cutting Hard Plastic such as Acrylics Resin / Plastic
Cutting capacity : Ø 7.0mm
Heating Temperature : max 170 degree celcius
Blade Length : 23 mm
Overall size : 190 mm
Overall Weight : 375 gr ( without Heater Control Unit)
Ceramics Heater type : W19

Heater Control unit Part : HTR-30N ( Separated / Not in Complete unit with Heat Cutting)