Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Air Heat Cutter



 AH20 /AH30 (Double-heater type)
AH5 /AH8 (Single-heater type)

  1.  Suitable for cutting fragile materials such as Acryl and Glass resin, etc.
  2. Square body is easy to be set to stands or machinery.
  3.  Indispensable for resin molding works.
  4. Operate through solenoid valve or foot-valve (FB70S).
  5. Cutting speed can be adjusted through air regulator.
  6. Double-heater can set temperature in wide range between 70-200℃ to fit each resin gate at the most suitable temperature.
  7. 3 models of replaceable blades are available to suite various kinds of gate cutting jobs.
  8. …AH20 and AH30 limited

Cutting Capacity:
  • [AH20]φ6mm.
  • [AH30]φ7mm.
  • [AH5]φ3mm.
  • [AH8]φ4mm.

Optional blade:
  • [FA20S /FA20L /FA20C] for AH20.
  • [FA30S /FA30L /FA30C] for AH30.
  • [FA5] for AH5.
  • [FA8] for AH8.

Optional heater:

  • [W19W] for AH20 /AH30.
  • [W19] for AH5 /AH8.

Optional transformer:
[HTR100W] for AH20 /AH30.
[HTR30N-100V] for AH5 /AH8.

Optional Step-Down transformer: [HDT100]. This Step-Down type transformer is requested to be used in combination with our standard transformer HTR30N-100V and HTR100W for Japanese 100V standardized power tools when operated in 220V~240V standardized overseas countries.