Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Curl Hose


      Part number
  • Curl Hose (standard type)
  • Curl Hose (with straight hose type)
  • Jumbo Curl Hose (G type)
  • Mini Curl Hose (M type)
  • Straight Hose (UH type)
  •  Thickly Rolled Curl Hose (CHL type)
  • Curl Hose (SE type)
  • Curl Hose (GS type)
  • Strech Curl Hose
  • Large Diameter Strech Curl Hose
  • Bala Curl

◎ Appearance:The outer diameter is ะค28mm (standard type) ; therefore light and easy to handle.
◎ Flexibility:It is flexible and light weight(1/3 of the rubber hose); therefore grip operation is easy and makes your work simple.
◎ Elasticity:It has high repulsion characteristics and can endure severe use.
◎ Wear resistance:Wear resistance is 3-5 times that of rubber hose.
◎ Chemical resistance:Except for hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and caustic soda, methyl chloride,chlorine-Benz aldehyde non-human. It use the material for the best that can withstand most (30 days soaked)
◎ Heat resistant:Up to 70 °C
◎ Cold resistant:It do not spoil the flexibility even in the state of -10 °C
◎ Pressure resistance:It will tolerate a 300,000 times or more expansion and contraction test in air pressure 0.7MPa.
◎ Operability:The outside diameter of the curl is narrow and the both end of the hose are straight for a certain size, therefore it won’t rent even handling them roughly.
◎ Color tone:The color of the hose is mellow green to prevent eyestrain.
Utility : Cylinder apparatus, Coating spray gun, Industrial equipment, Food machinery, Medical equipment, Pneumatic tools General.