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Magnetic Chip Conveyor Chip Conveyor With Filtration Effect

Chip Conveyor With Filtration Effect

Magnetic Chip Conveyor 

We supply high efficiency Chip Conveyor with Filtration Effect such as Chip Conveyor, Magnetic Roller Conveyor, Spiral Type Magnetic Conveyor and Magnetic Chip Conveyor.





Magnetic Chip Conveyor , Chip Conveyor With Filtration Effect

The Magnetic Chip Conveyor is installed between machining center and oil tank. Chips smaller than 60mm are attracted by permanent magnets that rotate inside the Magnetic Chip Conveyor, and then transported andraised. Chips contain only minimum oil and then drop into a chip box.
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Magnetic Roller Conveyor

Chip Conveyor With Filtration Effect,Magnetic Roller Conveyor

Magnetic Roller Conveyor can filter cutting oil and reduce oil on chips, so reduce costs for second treatment.

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Traditionally Chip Conveyor conduct long chips and Scraper Separator conduct shot chips; however the Magnetic Roller Conveyor can deal with both long and short chips. One magnetic roller conveyor has dual functions so it saves cost.

Applicable to: 
1. long chips from Lathe and Drilling Machine.
2. Short and thin chips from Gear Cutting Machine and Broaching Machine.
3. Long, short, and thin chips from Deep Hole Drilling Machine.
4. Long, short, and thin chips from Specialized Machine.
5. Long chips and small cutting powder.
Scraper Separator (With Magnetic Plate) 


  1. The Scraper Separator uses scrpers to remove magnetic chips under 100mm in tank. This device is particularly suitable for iron casting containing small and broken chips and graphite.
  2. Clean fluid will flow up to clean tank, and being pumped to machine. 

3. Equipped with torque controller. Shaft will be slippery to protect chains and sprockets when overloading
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  1. Two Functions: horizontally and slantingly convey.
  2. Clean fluid will flow up to a clean tank and be pumped back to machine while fwrrous contaminant will be filtered by a magnetic plate at the bottom.
  3.  Eqipped with torque controller. Shaft will be slippery to protect sprocket when overloading.

 Width(W), Length(L), and Height of chip outlet(H) can be customized.

Other 1
  1.  Increasing speed improves capacity.
  2. The magnetic plate can exchange to high-performance type (rare earth magnets inside).

Spiral Type Magnetic Conveyor


Spiral Type Magnetic Conveyor convey chips in a spiral shape, making oil drop down natually so chips are drier in chip collector

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  1. Spiral Type Magnetic Conveyor Rotating parts are sealed in a stainless steel tube so operators will not contact it and be safe.
  2.  Bearing are also sealed in the tube and protected from being destroyed by chips.

Spiral Type Magnetic Conveyor Capacity is different from types of chip and coolant, and ratio of speed reducer.
Other 1
  1.  The Base is able to installed in different situation by adjusting angle. 60 degrees is recommanded.
  2. Trough and total length are customized. 3. Choosing stong magnets for increasing capacity of conveying, model is SSCM.

Drum Type Scraper Separator

High quality Drum Type Scraper Separator applicable to aluminum, non-ferrous material and composite. Filter by a cloth. Able to backwash.

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  1. Drum Type Skraper Separator No filter media requirement for Drum Type Scraper Separator. Dirty fluid flows through the filter drum. Contaminants are kept outside of drum and cleans fluid will flow into clean tank. Filter media can be backwashed.
  2. Low flow rate for backwash because Drum Type Skraper Separator the single layer filter media is woven by nylon lines. Flowrate is 40 L/min.
  3. Drum Type Scraper Separator is able to be separated from tank. Tank can be customized upon customer's request.
  4. One extra slanting plate is installed on chip outlet, remaining chips on the plate for a while to reduce fluid on it.