Kamis, 17 Januari 2019

Dust Collector

Dust And Mist Collector

  1. High-efficient revolving impeller works and use rough, middle, fine and HEPA multilevel filtration material to filter dust and mist. Filtration efficiency reaches 99.97%. Themultilevel of filtration material can filter mist and dust through cutting and grinding process, no block and filtration material easy to be replacement. 
  2. The reusable rough filtraion material can be cleaned.

The Dust And Mist Collector can solve the problem as following:
1. Allergy and headache caused by sucking mist and dust.
2. Injuries because mist and dust sprayed on the ground make workers silp accidentally.
3. Reduction of productivity: Workers lack working will in the place around dust and mist.
4. Environment pollution and energy waste
5. Fire sensor lose function while covered by mist and oil. 5. Electric cabinet of machine tools damages.