Sunday, January 20, 2019

Magnetic Separator Unimag MSK


 Features Magnetic Separator MSK
  • Magnetic Separator Extremely  strong magnetic Force : Using fine quality rare earth magnets, the magnetic suction is 10 times stronger than using ferrite magnets.
  • Magnetic Separator Easy to discharge : the scraper at discharge area is made of stainless steel, hence, there doesn't have any magnetic force to stop the particles from dropping. Large slope also makes the particles easy to drop, hard to accumulate on the scraper.
  • Magnetic Separator Easy to fit your machines : you may choose the motor and direction of the outlet be at the right side or left side.
  • Magnetic Separator Applicable for Oil-based or Water-based coolant.
  • Magnetic separator As a pre-filter, it can  decrease consumption and loading of secondary filtration
  • Magnetic Separator Easy to adjust the gum roller : by your own hands, it can beadjusted easily.
  • Magnetic Separator Applicable for weakly magnetic materials : cemented carbides,decarburized layer of hardened steel,etc.
  • Magnetic Separator The long duration of the scraper :if there is a gap between the scraper and the magnetic drum, you may adjust the scraper until there is no gap.
  • Magnetic Separator No filter comsumtion 
  • Magnetic Separator Easy to recycle : the particles will be separated to ferrous particles and grinding wheel particles both can be recycled easily

Magnetic Separator Application 
  • Surface grinding machine 
  • Centerless grinding machine
  • Internal/External grinding machine
  • Honing machine
  • Thread grinding machine
  • Gear grinding machine
  • Electrical discharge machine
  • Polishing machine