Selasa, 08 Januari 2019

oil skimmer disc type

Disc Type Oil Skimmer DS-2030

We have rich experience in manufacturing various kinds of Oil Skimmer such as Disc Type Oil Skimmer, Belt Type Oil Skimmer and Net Type Oil Skimmer.
  1. The Oil Skimmer removes floating oil on coolant surface by a stainless steel plate, preventing coolant from deterioration. 
  2. Equipped with oil/water separating tank, removing floating oil only and clean coolant draining back to coolant tank.

Features :
  1. The plate is made of special material that attract oil, never broken.
  2. Equipped with synchronous motor that slips while overload.
    Specification :
    Plate diameter is 200mm, 250mm, or 300mm. Motor position is either left or right side, easy to be installed.