Selasa, 10 Mei 2022

Sliding Air Cutter


Pull & Cut type[SN3 / SN5 / SN10 / SN20]
SNP-series: Push & Cut type[SNP3 / SNP5 / SNP10 / SNP20]

  1.  The unit travel distance is freely adjustable within 0-5 mm.
  2.  The blade opening is adjustable by turning the adjusting bolt.
  3. Tube connection air inlet is installed for one touch quick connection with air hose.
  4. Any special cutting blade can be designed and manufactured to meet your application even for 1 piece.
  5. Cutting units are guided with parallel rails while traveling assuring the minimum play in vertical and horizontal direction.
  6. Blade holder can be set on the stand base at 90°angle either to left or right as illustrated.(Expecting SN3, SNP3.)
(Loosen counter-sunk screws and cap bolts, then turn blade holder plate together with piston and ring to the desired position and fix.)

Cutting Capacity (ABS Plastic):
  • [SN3 /SNP3]φ2mm.
  • [SN5 /SNP5]φ3mm.
  • [SN10 /SNP10]φ4mm.
  • [SN20 /SNP20]φ5mm.

Optional blades:
  • [FN10] for SN3.
  • [FNP10] for SNP3.
  • [FN1] for SN5.
  • [FNP1] for SNP5.
  • [FN3] for SN10.
  • [FNP3] for SNP10.
  • [FN5] for SN20.
  • [FNP5] for SNP20.