Rabu, 16 Januari 2019

Coolant Through Spindle series


Coolant Through Spindle Series

CTS High Pressure Device

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This series of CTS High Pressure Device features its excellent performance.
  1. Applicable to machining center with Coolant Through the Spindle (CTS). Small space occupied (only 815*815mm) 
  2. Two sets of 8"*30"bag filter units for primary filter, filtering capacity is 5-10 micron; on-line bag-changing. 
  3. Equipped with level switch; auto water-supplementary; light alarm while at abnormal.

  1.  Recommend: 1 HP water-supplementary pump, which is 60LPM of flowrate and 3 kg/cm2 of pressure. 
  2. High-pressure flowrate: 30LPM(60HZ) or 26LPM(50HZ). High pressure pump acpacity: 5 HP at 50kg/cm2 of pressure, and 7.5HP at 70 kg/cm2 of pressure. 
  3. Apply the WANNER(USA) rotary diaphrapm pump, which allow for an impurity below 0.5mm.